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Overwrite not working
Not working right
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If I download a text file that is, say, 5 kB in size, and then I later download a 1 kB text file with the same name to overwrite the first one, the overwrite does not work correctly. I end up with the new file in the first 1 kB, but with the remainder of the old file filling up to the 5 kB level. The program does not appear to put an end-of-file marker at the correct place. This is a big problem that needs fixing. Otherwise I love Captain FTP, and I'll keep using it as my primary FTP program. I just have to delete large text files first before downloading a new, smaller one.
Chris Cooper, 2002-06-13 19:11 Post Reply
Thank you for your bug report.We've fixed it will be released as Captain FTP 1.3.1
Peter Luczak, 2002-06-14 13:19 Post Reply
Great! Any idea when 1.3.1 will be released (even approximately)? Do you have an e-mail list to notify users that I could sign up for?Thanks again.Chris
Chris Cooper, 2002-06-14 16:37 Post Reply
Captain FTP 1.3.1 will be released round 1st July. We'll send email notification to every registered user of Captain FTP (except "no want to information" marked)
Peter Luczak, 2002-06-19 14:56 Post Reply
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