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Remote edit function
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Doesn't really do as described?

It opens the remote file in the selected application, but does not bring the application to the front. If I edit and save, or make a new file, saves are apparently made to /private/tmp/UID/Temporary Items. Not very useful! If this feature worked, it would be great - I'm trying to teach someone how to edit a website I made :) Or am I missing something?

Also, after setting the Edit Files prefs in Actions, editing a local file by double clicking, and then saving, results in an incorrect modification date in the CFTP browser, until Captain FTP is restarted.

This is still the best OSX FTP client though.
Jasmine Nunn, 2005-05-19 00:05 Post Reply
I get the same problem when I choose Texteditor in Prefs/Actions.
This is because TextEditor is not fully supported by Captain FTP.

The reason is because we can only support the most commonly used Text editors, as there are so many of them.

The functionality works perfectly with BBedit, or Subethaedit, or AlphaX. I have just tested and with BBedit I can edit the fie remotely.
Perhaps you can try it with one of the editors I mentioned above.
Sean MacSithigh, 2005-05-20 11:30 Post Reply

The editor should support "ODB Editor Suite" protocol. This makes
saving files on remote server possible. If the editor doesn't support
the protocol (like TextEdit) - files can be only viewed.
Grzegorz S., 2005-05-23 10:45 Post Reply

though i have not tried it, it appears that textwrangler, from barebones software, will work for remote editing... textwrangler is barebones software free version of bbedit.

key features listed are:

Extensive FTP support

* open and save text files located on remote FTP/SFTP servers
* FTP/SFTP tool supports Mac OS Keychain and use of alternate ports
* FTP/SFTP Browsers provide persistent view of remote site directories
* Rendezvous discovery of local FTP/SFTP servers
Michael Hallsted, 2005-08-26 10:23 Post Reply
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