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Address Book memory
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Could you set the program to remember whether you had the address book open the last time you exited the program? I like to start up my FTP client and have the address book pop up so that I can choose where to connect to. As it is currently, you have to open the address book, choose your connection, and close the first window that was opened by default.
Chris Cooper, 2002-06-14 19:03 Post Reply
I see that the program can be set to open the quick connect dialog at start. I guess I'd like to have the option to open the address book at start in addition as a preference.
Chris Cooper, 2002-06-14 19:12 Post Reply
When the first window opens up just click on the black phone icon at the bottom of the screen. You get a drop down of all your connections.
Samuel Blowes, 2002-07-29 18:46 Post Reply
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