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PRET support
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I have searched everywhere, apparently not too many clients support
pret servers, the list I found is small.
Does anyone know how I can connect to a pret server using
brilla, 2005-12-02 05:08 Post Reply
I also have the same problem thus the same question
didibad, 2006-01-09 20:13 Post Reply
Well I emailed the developper of the software and he actually
implemented it right away, and sent me a pre-release. Once we got
it working properly he included it in the release. So the latest build
of CaptainFTP does contain PRET support.
It should do it automatically, it does a FEAT command, and if the
server lists PRET then CaptainFTP will send the PRET command when
it has to.
brilla, 2006-01-09 20:42 Post Reply
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