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Suggested improvements
Don't quit on closing window
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Right now the program quits after the last open window is closed. Could it be changed so that the program stays open even with no open windows? I think that would be more useful. Sometimes I close a window and then want to open a new window, but instead I have to open a new window and then close the old one. Since the windows open directly on top of one another, I have to move the new window out of the way before closing the old window. This is added motion that isn't necessary...For example, PCalc, my favorite calculator program, has an option in the preferences that is "Quit on closing last calculator window". It is checked by default, providing the same functionality as Captain FTP's current state. I like to uncheck it, and this implements the behavior I would like to see in Captain FTP. So if that kind of preference could be added, I would be happy.
Chris Cooper, 2002-06-14 19:10 Post Reply
Go to the Captain FTP Preferences, click the Miscellaneous tab and uncheck the option "Quit Captain FTP when last window is closing"
Grzegorz S., 2003-02-25 15:13 Post Reply
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