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Suggested improvements
SFTP functionality
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Hi,I would like to see Secure FTP functionality added to the product. I have my servers configured with FTP off and only use SFTP. I have not seen a product that does both SFTP and normal FTP, that would be great.Also, it has been a while since I have used Captain FTP and as I recall (but could be wrong) there was no integration with BBEdit for example.
therio, 2003-02-04 20:13 Post Reply
I agree with the request for SFTP support. As a long-time user of Vicomsoft's FTP client on the OS 9 side, I notice that their new FTP client for OS X has SFTP support. But to the point about BBEdit integration, there is integration with BBEdit if you use contextual menus (ctrl+click) on a file (on the client or host side) that allows for direct editing with BBEdit. For me the big bonus is the ability to edit a remote file without having to use BBEdit's built-in FTP client (which works only 5% of the time for me).
Kevin Booth, 2003-02-21 22:17 Post Reply
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