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File name encoding in Captain FTP
File name encoding list in Captain FTP
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I'm test driving the Captain FTP and found that .. when I logged into an FTP server which contains high-ASCII file/directory name (Thai language in this case), the directory/file name will not displayed or transfer correctly at all. I've tried changing the file name encoding option but found that the encoding list is limited to only 4-5 options.

I also found that others FTP/download managers have this problem also. But Transmit, for example, includes quite complete the file name encoding list(like those found in web browsers) and it works perfectly ... both in display and download/upload.

So, I am wondering whether there is some workaround or future plan to add these encoding option into Captain FTP ?

The reason I ask for this is I want to switch to Captain FTP so badly for its excellent auto-resume feature.

Thanks !!!
Kraisorn Liansee, 2007-02-25 14:03 Post Reply
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