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Suggested developments for Crowznest
Suggested developments for Crowznest
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I have my Crowznest working now, I had CFTP 5.2 and needed 5.3 duh! I wish it told me that when I opened it.

Anyway, apart from that suggestion can you add to your development list the ability for Crowznest to monitor REMOTE folders for downloading the LOCAL folders please?

That would be immensely valuable for businesses that have clients uploading files to a secure ftp location since there is no obvious way to monitor this happening. If a client uploaded something to a 'hot remote folder' then in addition to it being downloaded to my local folder it would be good to have an email notification that this has happened.

Currently I rely on people letting me know they have done this, otherwise I need to keep on checking in to see if there is any new stuff which can take time.

Of course, an email would enable me to be alerted to a new file being uploaded via mobile whilst I am out of the office too.

This could open up the market for Crowznest even further.
guy lewis, 2009-03-27 11:16 Post Reply

One feature I would like to see in Crowznest is the ability to have it change the label colour after upload green if successful and red if failed - simple, but effective!
Stephen Ralling, 2012-08-12 22:52 Post Reply
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