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Navigating in step
Navigate and keep local and remote folders in step
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Is it possible to do this feature? (sometimes called lockstep or syncstep in other FTP apps) - it is a pain having to step down through folders locally then do the same on the server side...
Stephen Ralling, 2012-05-03 16:51 Post Reply

doesn't anyone else want this?!?
Stephen Ralling, 2012-08-12 22:47 Post Reply


I have just found the small blue padlock on the UI and upon clicking it, I have the synchronised browsing that I wanted!

You guys rock!

All I need to make my FTP life complete now is the ability to mark items transferred by Crowznest green or red depending on success of transfer!

Go go go...
Stephen Ralling, 2012-08-13 12:54 Post Reply
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