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v3 no upld fldr fr menu?
Create/Rename Folder
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Although the documentation to 3.0 discusses creation of a new folder on the server and the renaming of a folder on the server, neither of those functions appear to be available in Captain 3.0, though they were available in 2.x versions of Captain. Please either instruct us on how to find those functions or, if they are in fact missing from 3.0, please add them to 3.0.
Howard Kalodner, 2003-10-19 17:04 Post Reply
For creation of a new folder:Go to CaptainFTP menu select "File" then "New Folder"For renaming a folder select the file (or folder) in CaptainFTP, then click on the selection again (the procedure is the same as in the Finder). After this, the name field turns into editable. Press Enter to accept changes or Esc to discard.
Grzegorz S., 2003-10-21 14:04 Post Reply
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