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some bugs...
Address book window
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When I open the address book, the left column does not allow me to widen it enough to read the names. Is this me or is it the software?
Rick Soldin, 2002-09-11 01:19 Post Reply

This began happening to me when I upgraded to 10.2.
Craig Ridgley, 2002-09-13 17:49 Post Reply

I just put it on 10.2 for the first time, so it's not from upgrading it must be 10.2. This needs to be fixed ASAP its a lot more than a little annoyance if you have lots of IPs in there. I sure these guys are on it, this is a well done app!
Ed Crelin, 2002-09-16 21:41 Post Reply

Oh when they fix it they should add a submenu for the Address Book menu selection that is the address book itself, or a choice to put favorites in the menu or at least the last five addressses visited. I bet most people only have a few and that would cover the gamut.
Ed Crelin, 2002-09-16 21:46 Post Reply
I had the same comment about needing an easy way to select an address. The answer I got (right in front of my nose I guess) was to click and hold on the black telephone icon in an FTP window--that'll give you a list of address book entries to select.
Chris Cooper, 2002-09-25 20:43 Post Reply

I copy folders of about 150 images each. It copies the first folder fine and just stops coping after about 75 files in the second folder. The program no longer responds. I have to quit FTP and start the copy of the second folder over then it happens again on the third folder.
Steven Grimshaw, 2002-09-26 16:21 Post Reply
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