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I have been looking for good FTP software for a long time. There seems to be a fare few out there for the Windows operating systems. However for the Mac systems there are less. Many of these software products didn't have SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) support.

When I came across Captain FTP I was shocked. The way the program was so user friendly and visually attractive surprised me. I didn't even have to read the user guide to be able to connect to my web space. This program is the best FTP program I have used. I have used PC FTP programs as well, but Captain FTP still shadows their performance.

I recommend this program to anyone who needs a reliable FTP program.
krzysztof Orlinski, 2004-01-27 14:46 Post Reply

I've used many different ftp protocols on many different
systems, including DOS, Windows, MacOS, and various UNIX
installations, and Captain FTP is by far the best on any
platform. It is easy to use, and has never failed me. Keep up
the good work, guys.
Robert Black, 2004-08-02 17:27 Post Reply
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