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the code dont work!!!
entering code problem
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The code requires to be entered as it is (with dashes)and without any spaces before and after code. It seems to be simpleBUT: when using for example an html email client (I mean access to your email server via web) mail with regkey (txt format) is displayed as html. When you mark the text and copy it to clipboard, the copied keywill be increased with one more special char, which you do not see, in the beginning of code. The hidden char is: beginning of line.When you paste it into the registration dialog box of Captain app it will not work... e.g. when you move your prompt to the beginning of the key (using arrows) and then you press one more arrow whole keyin text window will disappear.It is because you pasted two lines. If you want to see it exactly just past the key to textEdit or BBEdit. You should see two lines... How to enter your code?You have to remove the first special char. You can do it as follows:ALTERNATE 1: 1. paste your key from email into registration dialog box, move to the beginning of the key and then press backspace. Note1: when you move"too far" your key will disappear - press right arrow... Note 2. When you're in the beginning of the key, and you press backspace, you will see no reaction, but the key should workproperly.

ALERNATE 2: 2. paste your key from email to textEdit and then copy only the line with key
Peter Luczak, 2002-05-07 11:19 Post Reply
Hi,I've tryed your 2 methods but the code still doesn't work... Any toughts on this anyone ?
Dr. Schnouts.., 2002-06-04 06:06 Post Reply
Make sure you have the right verison (1.2)!!!. I was trying to register an older version of it and actually manually retyped the whole key before realizing it just didn't work and downloading the latest (1.3)
Ciaramitaro, 2002-06-04 23:01 Post Reply

Whoops.. did that message go through?Make sure you are trying to register 1.3, NOT 1.2 or other older version.
Ciaramitaro, 2002-06-04 23:02 Post Reply

Perhaps if you leant the correct grammer!"The code doesn't work"
Paul Fulton, 2002-06-29 00:25 Post Reply
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