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Router Error?
After going wireless - error
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I have now received the following error: http:// there a
setting in CFTP that i haven't discovered that would support this
action? Thanks.
Dante Benz, 2005-09-15 20:33 Post Reply
Because you wireless modem router makes usually firewall and
address translation. Your MAC behind modem is invisible for the world.
On the modem routers usually is option "Port forwarding", "Virtual
Server", "Port redirection" or similar, which allow to redirect port(s) number
called from Internet (i.e. by other CaptainFTP) to appropriate IP and
port number in your LAN (your MAC with CaptainFTP).

Port for communications between CaptainFTP can be setup in
Preferences -> Sharing -> "Control Port" and "Data Port".
For these port numbers should be made "port redirection" on modem

The router has to recognize on the WAN what Mac is serving, that's
When the outgoing traffic goes to Internet from source port, this
information is NAT-ed (network address translation) by modem router so
nobody can by default reach the source port.
You must unblock this port(s) as described above to allow access.

So, to establish the connection you must:
1. unblock/redirect ports "Control Port" and "Data Port" configured in
2. Determine the current public modem router IP address
3. Provide "Control Port", "Data Port", IP address to your friend.
John Sheehy, 2006-03-01 11:58 Post Reply
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