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SFTP where's the body text
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weird... i can't figure out how to add a topic with body text until you add a statement... odd...but anyway! SFTP support please... there is no free SFTP client for OS X (GUI)... so we're stuck with terminal...thanks
Wilson, 2002-06-03 18:09 Post Reply
I'll second the request for SFTP support! This seems to be a glaring hole in the OS X market.BTW I love your product and your web-site. The roll-over explosions are lots of fun, and the design is eye-catching.
Chris Cooper, 2002-06-04 21:42 Post Reply
We plann to add SFTP to Captain FTP in september/october. But right now we cannot promise you we'll make it for 100%
Peter Luczak, 2002-06-14 13:21 Post Reply

hey folks, you can use FUGU, freeware you find it at:http://rsug.itd.umich .edu/software/fugu/

Georg Apitz, 2003-10-31 22:24 Post Reply

Does Captain FTP 2.0 version has a feature of SFTP?
Eiichiro Mawatari, 2002-11-29 01:03 Post Reply
Captain FTP 2.0.x still doesn't support SFTP. We're working on it but it is very buggy.
Peter Luczak, 2002-12-09 13:55 Post Reply

Captain FTP now suppots SFTP protocol (from the version 2.6) and SSL (from version 2.7)
Grzegorz S., 2003-10-21 14:31 Post Reply
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