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Xnet Communications Releases Captain FTP Freeware FTP Client For Mac OS X
Applelinks, 26 Dec 2001
Press Release Edited By Applelinks Contributing Editor Charles W. Moore

Xnet Communication GmbH, an independent software vendor with core business in data communication high-end solutions announced the release of Captain FTP Public Beta Version 1.0.

Captain FTP is an absolutely new FTP client - especially designed for Mac OS X. Captain FTP enables all users to take full advantage of all services available through using FTP along with a lot of additional functionalities, facilitating and improving everyday work. Quite simply, the most advanced, most open and yet easiest-to-use Captain FTP divides tasks between separate threads, enabling users to set up an unlimited number of simultaneous connections. Because of this, time consuming functions, such as uploading and downloading, don't block the program but leave it available for other user requests.

User's action support is realized by quick buttons, an address book, prompting before deleting and renaming files, search tool, a finishing action after reconnection etc. make Captain FTP a most safe and the user friendliest FTP Client ever designed. Wolfgang Falz, product manager of Captain FTP said: "We decided to develop an absolutely new FTP Client after receiving many requests from Mac OS X users who appreciate our other communications products for stability, safety-in-use and intuitive interfaces but who just need a simple FTP Client for every day work. That's why we have put some of our secrets into the Captain FTP engine. Of course it is right now a beta version created for testing, open discussion and further development".

As Mac Computers become more popular in many communities, especially dealing with graphic and design, a strong need exists for professional communications software. All Mac users continue to face a huge shortfall in this area. Software on the market today is rarely of a sufficient technological level to meet the high demands and expectations. This touches upon the subject of FTP services which is why we designed a new FTP software using the most sophisticated technologies similar to those used in other Mac dominated areas such as graphics and design.

Captain FTP is a totally new FTP client specifically designed for MacOS X enabling every user to take full advantage of all services available within FTP. We have added extra functionality, which will greatly facilitate and improve your day-to-day work while using our software.

This software takes full advantage of MacOS X - quite simply the most advanced, powerful, open and yet easiest-to-use operating system in history. Captain FTP tasks are shared between separate threads (multi-tasking), therefore all time consuming functions such as uploading and downloading don't consume valuable resources of the OS, but leave it available for other user requests.

All program functions are achieved through the completely new "Aqua Interface." Aqua brings you the clean and inviting interface of the next generation. Captain FTP usage is intuitive and similar to operating on local files with the use of the new Finder®. Thanks to equipping the Captain FTP with unique functions such as segment downloading and copy manager, in terms of comfort it surpasses by far many other FTP clients available on the market.

Captain FTP is intended for Macintosh computers with the PowerPC processor. The advantage of the program is the ability to work with the newest MacOS X. Captain FTP is compatible with almost every FTP server available. Minimal system requirements (8MB RAM, 5 MB free disk space, any PPC processor) allow Captain FTP to operate on every Macintosh computer.

Features Version 1.0

  • Especially designed and completely developed for the new MacOS X
  • Navigation between directories - is done by clicking on a folder icon
  • "Put/Get" quick button - to fast copy files and folders between locations
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Transfer of files and entire folders as well
  • FTP interrupted and resuming downloads supported
  • Compatible with all FTP servers
  • Copying, renaming, creating and removing directories and files is done with a single mouse click
  • Managing, bookmarks, quick connect, server and user lists defining FTP session parameters
  • Calculating the size of folders
  • Global progress indicator displaying the estimated time remaining till the end of the transfer
  • Stop button enabling a user to stop every operation at any time, without the necessity of breaking up the connection with a server

Features in development

  • Mirror Transfers - Captain FTP allows you to synchronize a folder on your Mac with a directory on your server, with one command, transferring only the files that have changed
  • Copy manager allows to create the list of files scheduled for transfer,
  • Segmented downloading - to divide a file into several blocks and download them simultaneously. Greatly improves the download speed on Internet.
  • Download resuming after a connection loss the download resumes from a point where the connection broke down
  • Monitoring enabling user to track the Captain FTP communication session with the server in separate window.
  • Text terminal - a more sophisticated version of the service feature. It enables user to send any commands to remote FTP Server and view the feedback
  • Files preview and printing - files stored on the remote server can be easily viewed and printed out prior to being downloaded to the local hard drive
  • Active control module - controlling in real-time mode the state of the connection, which prevents the collapse of the data transfer resulting from communication network overload

The Xnet Communication GmbH has activated special Internet services with chat, forum and user groups for designing their product more open for users needs: "We designed Captain FTP under users suggestions and we want to stay in touch with them all the time".

Captain FTP is free for non-commercial use.

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