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   Captain FTP for iPad - Description & Tour
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Welcome to Captain FTP for iPad

The makers of the famously popular Captain FTP for Mac OS X, now unleash mobile Captain FTP for iPad,
a powerful, secure, user-friendly FTP Client to support uploads to remote sites and download files to your iPad.

With the added ability to drag'n'drop files from your Mac or PC to the iPad, Captain FTP is the ideal tool for the mobile user to update your website, online business, blog or photo galleries while commuting, traveling and generally on the go.

Captain FTP for iPad provides simple navigation in an attractive the GUI, the Home screen and tabbed interface offers quick access to multiple remote connections, your sites are available at the touch of a finger.

Experience increased productivity, update website on the fly, text files may be edited locally and quickly uploaded to the server, new media files such as movies or photos may be previewed before uploading.

  • Tabs

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  • Adding new server

    screen 2/9

  • Adding local connection

    screen 3/9

  • Upload

    screen 4/9

  • Download

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  • iTunes

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  • File preview

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  • Text edit

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  • Transfers

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