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empty dialogs in 1.2
empty dialogs in 1.2
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when i try to download a file from the remote server, the 'confirm overwrite' dialogs are empty.same happens on a server reconnect, any idea?
Fischer, 2002-04-02 10:55 Post Reply
Could tell us what is your user interface language?
Peter Luczak, 2002-04-02 13:58 Post Reply
German.I switched the language for Captain FTP to english, now it workswith english dialogs, thats ok for me :-)
Fischer, 2002-04-02 16:45 Post Reply
How do I switch der language for Captain FTP?
Milorad Mijatovic, 2002-04-12 17:13 Post Reply
stop Captain FTP, find its icon (on desktop or where you have it) and highlight it. Then press Apple-I. You should see a dialog box with general information... Select from list languages and choose your pref. After all run Captain FTP - it should be run in selected language.
Peter Luczak, 2002-04-26 13:46 Post Reply

Good idea - but my version 1.3 shows only ENGLISH
Georg Mennel, 2002-06-27 11:18 Post Reply

I need help I do not have any server address'. I was wondering if anyone could let me know where I could find some.
David Regus, 2002-04-08 04:24 Post Reply
You don't have to know the IP address like 123.456.789.0, you can use server name. To start just try that f you want to find more ftp server names run your browser, go to google, altavista, yahoo or other search engine and in search window type: ftp searchAs a result you should see a list of known ftp search engines. Then use one of them to find what is interesting for you...
Peter Luczak, 2002-04-09 12:24 Post Reply
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