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Can't sftp to linux box
SFTP connection problem
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i can't ocnnect to linux server via sftp, the connection is waiting after i received the rsa key.
The only thing I see on th e server side is this:

Mar 28 15:35:43 localhost sshd[14020]: Accepted public key for markusro from some_ip port 61859 ssh2
Mar 28 15:35:43 localhost sshd[14020]: (pma_unix) session opend for user markusro by (uid=0)
Mar 28 15:35:44 localhost sshd[14020]: subsystem request for sftp

Any ideas?
Markus Rosenstihl, 2006-03-28 16:14 Post Reply

If I delete the connecting host from the authorized_keys, then I can conenct.

It would be nice to be able to use public key authentication.

Markus Rosenstihl, 2006-03-28 16:24 Post Reply
Hi Markus,
for support issues please email

Can you setup a test account for us so that we can connect and see what's going wrong with this server?

Could you also send us the trace log?
Please go to Captain FTP Preferences and select the FTP Tab. Set the Communication Trace to ‘Full(every command will be added to the trace)’.

There is a Trace for each browser window, can you check both to see if anything is being recorded.
Highlight the window or tab in question, and then select FTP Trace from the Captain FTP menu ‘Show’.

Best Wishes,
John Sheehy
John Sheehy, 2006-04-04 14:11 Post Reply
The FTP Trace gives only this:

Captain FTP V.4.5236 - 060403
Verbindungsversuch 1:

And that's it …

and for the test account: I am sorry but i can't do that

I am sure the problem is easily verifyed with any ssh server.
Christian Hausser, 2006-04-04 17:50 Post Reply
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