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Segmenting File Size ~ Broadband
Segmenting File Size in prferences ~ Dial up vs Broadband DSL high speed rate limit
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Should not the segmenting file size in preferences be different than the default settings based on whether you have broadband vs dial up?

How do you determine what file size you start segmenting files? Logically if you have high speed, you should have a higher file size to start segmenting right? Will this make it go faster to raise the segmenting size? I have noticed a rapid speed degradation over short time -- and experienced extremely slow upload speeds (3-7kb/s) while my upload speed is rated at 650kb/s and download is 6MBs.

So how to improve the upload speeds consistently and keep at higher rates -- lucky if i occasionally get 120kbs based on what I have experienced so far in trying this product out.

thank you.
GoGi GiGo, 2007-01-30 19:37 Post Reply
Segmant download should be used for slow connections - when the transfer is much slower than the server capabilities or when the server limits transfer rate for one session. In such situations downloading simultanously 4 parts of the file will speed up the transfer.
Grzegorz S., 2007-05-16 07:30 Post Reply
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