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CrowzNest Email notification problem
CrowzNest Email Notification failure
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I have been playing with CrowzNest for a few weeks on and off. I LOVE the simple setup and my files are being sent (FTP'ed) but I CAN'T get the email notification to work. I have tried our company email server, I then set up a Gmail account to send thru, I even used my personal server, but nothing ever arrives! I have tested the Gmail account using Apples Mail app and send/receive works fine. But when I get into CrowzNest, I errors when sending thru Gmail, but our company server shows success on sending.
Has anyone had success in this area and if so please help me get this working?
Tim Doring, 2009-12-11 19:28 Post Reply
Iím interested in a solution too ... Iíve tried almost everything now ... and meanwhile Iím going nuts, I think ;-)
Marco Dinkel, 2014-03-05 11:56 Post Reply
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