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typing filename
Can only hit the first letter...
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In most FTP programs, as in the Finder, you can start typing a file's name, and it will jump the 'selection' down to the first file that fits what you've typed (like an autocomplete).  In Captain FTP, if I type 'CAT', it will jump to the first C, then jump to the first A, then down to the first T...  Captain FTP is a great program, but I dig through a lot of very populated folders for a particular file, and it is very frustrating to lack this functionality.  Thank you.
Andrew Fraticelli, 2003-08-13 15:44 Post Reply
It is done in CaptainFTP 3.x. Moreover you can see and edit the file name you are looking for.
Grzegorz S., 2003-10-21 14:14 Post Reply
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