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Enter code button no work
I already registered it, but after
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I have version 1.3, which I registered last year or the year before. But after I installed OSX Panther on my Mac, all of my products came up unregistered, including my Captain FTP.

I sent for the key, and it was sent promptly - however, the enter code button doesn''t work. So I can''t enter or use the program.

Can someone please help me? Thanks.
Mirienne Leigh, 2004-01-19 18:36 Post Reply
Wow- no answer yet???

I have similar issue under Panther, enter code
button doesn't work....

Any ideas????
Michael Lansberry, 2004-02-14 20:36 Post Reply

Hello, yes. I sent a message, with the support
form, and they helped me pretty soon after. I
would suggest using that form and explaining your
Mirienne Leigh, 2004-02-28 06:07 Post Reply

I can't remember what they told me to do, though,
but I did it, and then everything was working.
Mirienne Leigh, 2004-02-28 06:09 Post Reply
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