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Fallback to [C] ????
What is this error?
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Captain FTP by default connects to a secure server using port 21,
uses "AUTH TLS" to request SSL negotiation. The command used
(defined in
[RFC-2228]) to negotiate data connection security is the PROT
There are four values that the PROT command parameter can
'C' - Clear - neither Integrity nor Privacy
'S' - Safe - Integrity without Privacy
'E' - Confidential - Privacy without Integrity
'P' - Private - Integrity and Privacy
To protect the data and control the connection, Captain FTP
sends "PROT" command with
parameter "P".

The error message "Fallback to [C]" means that a server doesn't
support the data channel encryption required by Captain FTP.
With 'C' (Clear) protection level, the data connection is made
TLS authentication, thus the connection is not authenticated and
has no confidentiality or integrity.
Grzegorz S., 2004-08-13 11:46 Post Reply
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