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Two "not-so-nice" things
Is this possible to fix?
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1. I use Exposé frequently.
When I drag a file from local to www location in Captian FTP and
let go the mouse button to drop it and somehow press the "show
all windows" Exposé function (I have it hotkeyed on my mouse)
basically the same time, you know what happens?
MAC OSX completely crashes, yeah. :)

Not sure if that''s CFTP or OS fault...or both. (using latest version
of both)

2. Why isn''t it possible to do more than one upload-/

3. Your php needs some help with the quotes.
Benecke, 2005-01-24 12:31 Post Reply
more downloads/uploads:
Pressing Alt(option) key during drag and drop will do transfer via
TM which means further transfer will be allowed.
Grzegorz S., 2005-02-11 12:40 Post Reply
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