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Captain FTP for Mac OS X debuts as public beta
Macworld, 20 Dec 2001
By Peter Cohen

Hamburg, Germany-based Xnet Communications GmbH today announced the release of Captain FTP Public Beta version 1.0, an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client designed especially for Mac OS X.

Designed for the ground up for Mac OS X, Captain FTP takes advantage of the new operating system's capabilities, including multithreaded multitasking, support for the Aqua user interface, and lots more. Captain FTP sports "quick" buttons, an address book and the ability to resume downloads after reconnection. Drag and Drop is supported, and users can transfer either files or entire directories. Many other features are included and even more are in development.

Captain FTP product manager Wolfgang Falz said that his company decided to develop the software after receiving requests from Mac OS X users who are familiar with the company's other products and were looking for an easy to use FTP client.

"That's why we have put some of our secrets into the Captain FTP engine. Of course it is right now a beta version created for testing, open discussion and further development," said Falz.

Xnet Communications GmbH has made Captain FTP free for non-commercial use.

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