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Post #41917: MAC problem, 24 Aug 2005

I've been downloading from the archive on a regular basis for about a year (and loving it, and very grateful). I'm using a mac G5 with OSX 10.3.9. Once in a while I have what I guess is a mac problem with a specific show, so I move on to another show, no big deal.
Lately though it has been occurring more frequently, and affecting shows that I want very badly. It seems to have more to do with the way the show is made available than anything else. If the show is available for download as "Lossless", "Hi-Fi", or "Lo-Fi" and I select "Lossless", I have no problem ( The show appears in the Download Manager and the required time for the download appears, as well as the speed. Everything works fine, the show later unzips, etc.

If the show is only available as "Lossless", and I select it, the time required does not appear in the Download Manager( Instead it says "unknown" even though it is downloading, and the speed of the download is shown. Later when I try to unzip I get nothing.
Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated. I'm trying to get the latest moe. shows and most are being made available only as Lossless, so I've been out of luck.

Thanks bands, tapers, moderators and anyone else involved in this site.


I should have mentioned that I'm using Internet Explorer. It was just suggested to me that I try Safari and see what happens, so I'm downloading using Safari right now. I never use it, and it didn't even occur to me. I'll post the results when the download is complete.



It sounds like you're downloading the "whole show" zip. OS X does not always play nice with the archive's zip-on-the-fly system (see e.g. ).

If changing browsers doesn't do the trick, try downloading track-by-track off the web (that way, you get the lossless files without having to unzip them). If option-clicking on the individual files starts to drive you nuts, you can always switch to an FTP client.


There is a great FTP client for OS X called Captain FTP. I've been using it here for over a year with excellent results.

PS- Why use IE when you have Safari? Like putting bicycle tires on a Beemer...


Bit more work, but try right button cliking the link, and "Download file as ..." Then unzip the file using the Terminal: boot Terminal, type (without the "'s) "unzip", enter a space, and then drag the zip file into the terminal window (so you don't have to type its name). Hit return, and the file will be unzipped into the shn files you will recognize. Decode and burn as usual.



Niff - Yes I have been downloading the "whole show" and had checked the FAQ's but missed that one. Thanks for the headsup. Changing browsers didn't help, so I'll do the individual files for now and try Captain FTP as suggested by US Blues.
As far as using Explorer, I've tried Safari, saw no difference, and all my favorites etc. are already setup in Explorer, so I just stuck with it.

Thanks for the help,

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