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Few Among Many: Top 10 FTP Apps For Mac OS X
Bambi & Tera's Mac360, 17 Nov 2005

Captain FTP

At #2 with a bullet this week is Captain FTP, the Mac FTP application that doesn't quit, and gets better every few months.

Captain FTP bills itself as the first cooperative FTP client. What's very cool about this is the ability for Captain FTP to allow FTP users to share files directly between each other, Mac to Mac, and not just from Mac to a distant remote nameless headless server.

The folks at Captain FTP ask a simple question: "As FTP is considered to be the most effective way to distribute files over the Internet, why not take it further and allow users to connect each other?"

They give you an answer and a solution that isn't really peer-to-peer file sharing, but does essentially the same thing; you can share files with other Mac users.

The trick to accomplish this is in the Public Address Book which segregates users, though everyone needs to be using Mac OS X.

Click Here for the extensive list of features on Captain FTP.

Jack Miller
Captain FTP is an excellent Mac application and the near peer-to-peer FTP function is icing on the cake. Good choice.

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