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   CROCODILE SERVER 1.0 for Windows

Crocodile Server is the world's first software for Windows adopting Apple's Rendezvous™ technology.

If you are in need, of connecting Mac and PC on local network to share or transfer files back and forth, and you have no idea about how to do it? This task could not be more simple as ever with the Crocodile Server.

The brand new Crocodile Server is the first Rendezvous™ enabled FTP Server for Windows, incorporating Apple's innovative network discovering technology into Microsoft world.

"Most folks seem to be missing the point of using Rendezvous to connect the FTP client to the FTP server: Finding the server.
Sure it's trivial for J. Random Geek to make sure the machines name is set properly and registered on the network, or alternatively looking up the IFTP server's IP address and using that, perhaps even editing the client's hosts file to map a local name to the address...
Then there's the rest of humanity who just want to trivially browse their network for the proper machine and FTP to it, and yes for them this is a boon. Could some good administration replace this - sure. But for when that's not practical or isn't available then using Rendezvous to find the FTP server would be a quick and reasonable alternative.
Faster. Easier. Automagic. Robust. All Good Things."

This revolutionary technology lets you create an instant network of computers and other smart peripheral devices just by getting them connected to each other. This scenario requires ZERO configuration.

The charter of our new product line is to enable Zero Configuration IP Networking. That means making it possible to take two computers, and connect them with a crossover Ethernet cable, and have them communicate usefully using IP, without needing a man in a white lab coat to set it all up for you. We are not limiting the network to just two hosts.

Mac users have high expectations for ease of use, and Crocodile Server and Captain FTP enables Mac users to meet those expectations.

Before Rendezvous™, network devices configuration was a nightmare. With Rendezvous™, your computer will discover others, making file sharing, printing and life completely simple.

The Captain FTP Client for Jaguar takes the advantage of Rendezvous™ to discover and directly connect with Crocodile Server for Windows on the network, with ZERO configuration.

Rendezvous™ works over today's most popular standard connection technologies, including Ethernet and AirPort (802.11). And it uses the standard, ubiquitous IP networking protocol for its connections, the same protocol that runs the internet itself. Indeed, all of the technologies driving Rendezvous™ are open and part of the standards creation process of the IETF, as is Rendezvous™ itself.

  • ZERO configuration with Rendezvous™
  • Installation Wizard
  • Easy-in-Use
  • Users and Access-to-Server management
  • FTP Sessions Parameters monitoring
  • FTP commands detailed monitoring
  • History of FTP server events
  • Windows 95/97/98/Me/NT/2K/XP
  • less than 1MB space on HDD
Rendezvous™ is trade mark of Apple Computer, Inc.

To read Crocodile Server Quick-Run Guide click here.