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   Payment Options without Credit Card
Instant Purchase:
To make an immediate purchase please visit our Online store to make the purchase via Credit Card, or telephone our Sales Office at the number listed below.
Call our sales team at +49-40-89702-0 (Germany). We are open Mon - Fri, 8AM to 6PM Central European Time.

Payment Options without Credit Card:
If you would like to make a purchase without a Credit Card, please select the option below which is most convenient for you.
Fax your order
If you would like to fax your order to us, please complete our Order Form (.pdf) and fax it to +49-40-89702-100 (Germany).
Mail your order
Please complete our Order Form (.pdf) and mail it with your payment to Xnet Communications GmbH at the address on the form.

Alternative Online Payment Options without Credit Card:
We also provide a number of payment options which can be performed Online without the need for Credit Card. When conducting a transaction using Paypal or Wire Transfer, please refer to the Online shop for correct pricing including VAT if applicable.
Once we have received confirmation via email, that you have made a transaction, we will generate a License key, which we shall forward it to your email address.
Use PayPal
If you prefer to use Paypal, just visit the PayPal Web site and send the appropriate funds in $ US Dollars or € Euros to the following address:

Be sure to include your name and address and specify the item(s) you wish to purchase. If you are located in the European Union you must include the appropriate Value Added Tax or your VAT number.
Wire Transfers
Bank wire transfer fees are your responsibility. In order to avoid delays, please inquire with your bank about any transaction fees that may be incurred and include them in the total amount of your wire transfer.

Please include a company name, contact name and email address to ensure we are able to process your order.

Bank Name: Deutsche Bank 24
Address: Im Alten Dorfe 25 - 27
22359 Hamburg
BLZ: 200 700 24
Account #: 7593122 00
IBAN: DE33 2007 0024 0759 3122 00