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Apple+W close the App but not Tabs
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Since the new Tabfeature i found Captain FTP better then before. But i have a "little big" problem with this nice idea. When i pushing on Firefox the keys "Apple + W" they close my actually selected tab inside the mainw. But when i made this on Cptain FTP, they closed my complete window with all opend tabs without some warnings ore something else. That makes me confused... I'm so often pushing "Apple + W" in Captain FTP (with thinking on my routine on Firefox and some other Aps with tabs) and all my opend documents and connected servers are done. I hoped that you made a new option in your next update with thinking on my little request :-)
Robin Albeck, 2005-11-17 13:32 Post Reply
Hi Robin,
we will look into it but my initial thought is that it would be better if they had a common shortcut.

Best Wishes,
Sean MacSithigh, 2005-11-29 10:46 Post Reply
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